What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear aligners to correct your smile without the messy wires, bands, or bulky metals. It is invisible when worn and is custom-made to perfectly fit your teeth. They are removable and easy to clean. You don’t have to restrict your diet, and, you can continue eating your favorite foods. It is also easier to brush and floss and can maintain your oral health. Invisalign should be worn for 22 hours every day, and the trays are custom-made every week. You should consult the best dentist in your area to get your Invisalign treatment in Stillwater, OK.

Invisalign Can Fix Various Dental Issues

Invisalign is proven to help fix the following orthodontic issues:

What Is The Process Of Invisalign?

To get Invisalign, one will go through the standard process. During the initial visit, a treatment plan will be set, and your bite impressions will be taken. The bite impressions will be sent to Invisalign, who will design your trays based on your specific need 3D imaging technology can transform your bite impressions and make custom aligners for the treatment.

You’ll receive your Invisalign aligners through your orthodontist. Invisalign aligners should be worn at all times and can be removed for eating, drinking (except water), or brushing and flossing. Each tray is worn for two weeks. You will have to visit your orthodontist in Stillwater, OK, every six weeks to ensure your treatment is on track. The total time of Invisalign treatment is anywhere between twelve to eighteen months. You should visit a dentist in Stillwater, OK.

Does Invisalign Hurt?

Most patients will face discomfort or pain at the beginning of the treatment, as the teeth are shifting, and you will take a few days to get used to the new aligner. Moreover, this pain and discomfort are not like the traditional braces.

A Fast Way To Straighten Your Teeth

Invisalign is a quicker and more efficient way of straightening your teeth. After starting the treatment, you may see visible differences within 10 to 12 weeks. The whole treatment, on average, takes up to 12 months. Moreover, the treatment time differs from person to person and on your discipline.

Invisalign Care

Invisalign treatment consists of removable aligners, which means they are easy to maintain. You need to remove the aligners and clean them after every meal to avoid staining them. You can now brush and floss easily and maintain optimal oral health. You no longer have to worry about your not being able to clean aligners or avoid eating certain foods. You must clean your aligners as if not cleaned properly, it can cause decay. You can clean your trays with a toothbrush and soap to remove any residue that may be in the aligner. You can soak your aligners with a cleaning tablet. You can even use solutions to maintain sanitation. However, remember to wash them thoroughly before placing them back on your teeth.

Invisalign In Stillwater, OK

If you are worried about your crooked, gapped, or crowded teeth, get your Invisalign treatment today! At Schuessler Orthodontics, our orthodontist will give you the best smile specific to your needs. Contact us and book your appointment to book an appointment with the best orthodontist in Stillwater, OK.

When it comes to orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, the first thing that suddenly pops to the mind is those clunky metal braces & wires. You might not know that the recent evolution of Invisalign in orthodontics has made teeth straightening metal-free & discreet. Let’s read on to know everything about Invisalign clear aligners.

What Are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign is a discreet way of getting straight teeth without the annoyance of metal brackets & wires. These clear aligners are made of high-quality plastic compatible with your mouth. When you wear Invisalign aligners, they will put a little pressure on your teeth to move them to their desired position. The wearer will not feel pain or discomfort while the teeth move gradually. There are no popping wires or brackets to irritate your mouth & tissue. Invisalign is virtually invisible which makes it the most preferred orthodontic treatment choice. The clear aligners are available for teens & also for adults.

How Does Invisalign Differ From Braces?

Invisalign & metal braces have only one thing in common their purpose. Both braces & clear aligners are used to align teeth over a course of time. Braces are the oldest way of teeth straightening using wires & brackets made of metal that exert pressure on the teeth & gradually move them to their desired position. The Invisalign process is the same but there is no involvement of metals, just a plastic aligner tray moves teeth without any discomfort. Furthermore, Invisalign trays are removable and metal braces are not you have to wear them until the treatment ends. With braces, you have to make changes in your diet as you can not eat hard crispy, & chewy food. On the other hand, with Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want & just have to pop the tray out of your mouth.

The most crucial factor to consider is cleaning & maintaining good oral hygiene. Unlike metal braces, it is far easier to clean with Invisalign, take the tray out to brush & floss your teeth thoroughly.

What Is The Procedure To Get Invisalign?

If you have crooked teeth, uneven teeth, or bite issues you can get Invisalign aligners in Enid. Still, you have to be the ideal candidate for getting Invisalign, our Enid orthodontist will run a thorough exam to determine if you are perfect for Invisalign. Once the oral exam has successfully determined that you can have Invisalign for straightening your teeth, you will be headed toward the next step of impression. At Schuessler Orthodontics, we use 3-D digital image impression technology that takes images of your mouth & teeth using a wand-like device that shows the clear image on the screen. X-rays of your teeth & bite are also needed to prepare your Invisalign clear aligner trays. Images & X-rays help orthodontists in preparing customized trays that fit well.

Moreover, a 3-D digital image impression technology allows the orthodontist to prepare all your trays even before you finish wearing your first one.

Benefits Of Invisalign

Cost Of Invisalign Clear Aligners In Enid

Invisalign treatment cost depends on the complexity of the case. On average Invisalign treatment costs around $3,000–$7,000. And some people may get settled up for $3,000 with help from their insurance company.

Get Invisalign For Straighter Teeth In Enid

Invisalign offers more comfort than another type of orthodontic procedure while straightening your teeth & provides a beautifully aligned smile. Contact us & consult with an orthodontist in Enid for Invisalign aligners today.

Everyone wants to have a smile that makes them look more beautiful. A beautiful smile can make up anyone’s day and is crucial for your overall appearance. Misaligned or crooked teeth can impact your self-confidence and make it more challenging to care for your teeth. It’s easier than ever before to get straight, beautiful teeth. Although traditional metal braces are still a convenient option, Invisalign has become a popular alternative for people of all ages due to the many benefits over other orthodontic treatments it has to offer.

Below are The 5 Amazing Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

1. Eat & Drink Whatever You Like

When you get traditional metal braces, there are some foods you can not eat. Gummy, chewy, hard candies are a few forbidden items for people with metal braces. Hard and sticky foods can damage braces, or the brackets can even come off. With Invisalign, you don’t have to worry about what you eat because there is no restriction on food. You just have to remove the trays before meals or snacks & brush your teeth and put your aligners back in the mouth.

2. Nearly Invisible

People of all ages can get straight teeth with Invisalign treatment in Ponca City & they do not have to worry about how braces look on their teeth. Some people feel conscious about wearing braces or think they will look unattractive. Invisalign trays are clear. There are no wires or brackets attached to them. That is why it is popular among teens and adults who want to straighten teeth without any unwanted attention drawn to their teeth.

3. Enhanced Oral Health

Having straight teeth does cleaning and flossing easy, which is better for your general health. Traditional metal braces are difficult to clean, and flossing can be problematic. If you aren’t careful, pieces of food can stick to the wires and brackets, resulting in gum disease & tooth decay. With Invisalign, oral hygiene is easy. After removing them, you brush your teeth and clean the trays before placing them back in your mouth. It’s crucial to clean the aligner trays daily to maintain the teeth clean.

4. Fix Dental Issues

Invisalign has become a popular treatment for a reason. Many people worry about their crooked teeth but don’t want to get orthodontic treatment. Invisalign can correct various dental issues like gapped teeth, crowded teeth, abnormal bites, etc. An improper bite can cause problems in biting, jaw pain, sleep, and speaking. Clear aligners can help restore your dental issues better than any other orthodontic treatment.

5. Boost Self-Confidence

Most people want to straighten their teeth to look good. Straight teeth can boost your self-esteem and help you look beautiful. If you don’t like your teeth or smile, it will always impact your self-confidence. We have a discreet way of teeth straightening, Invisalign clear aligners in Ponca City, to solve your problem.

Get Invisalign In Ponca City

Orthodontists in Ponca City understand your dental issue & that is why they encourage you to examine your dental condition for Invisalign treatment to straighten your teeth discreetly. Contact us today & book your appointment at our dental office in Ponca City to know whether Invisalign can help you get a straight smile.

Invisalign has radically transformed the world of dentistry. It can help you straighten your teeth painlessly and invisibly. Our orthodontists at Schuessler Orthodontics have provided detailed information on how Invisalign works in this blog.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a brand of clear, plastic aligners worn like retainers over the teeth to straighten them out gradually. Because of the advantages that Invisalign provides, the expenditure is justified. Invisalign aligners are a clear alternative to traditional braces that are custom-made to be worn for a few weeks or months. Your Stillwater orthodontist will design new aligners as your teeth move into the desired position. It’s a solution that gets around all of the drawbacks of metal braces. Invisalign provides you a straighter smile faster than traditional metal braces since it adjusts your teeth all at once rather than one at a time.

What Happens In An Invisalign Procedure?

The most well-known orthodontics brand for clear aligners is Invisalign, a faster technique to achieve a straight smile. You can easily brush and floss your teeth because they are detachable. The aligners will be worn every day and night, except when you eat or drink. Your orthodontist in Stillwater has included all of the steps you need to know about Invisalign treatment.

It would be best to stick to the orthodontist’s advice on how long you should wear clear aligners each day. Typically, clear aligners are worn for 20 to 22 hours per day. This, however, changes depending on the situation. You’ll need new aligner trays every two weeks as your teeth shift, so Invisalign starts working when you install them in your mouth. If you’re in a lot of pain, you should come to our office immediately.
We hope this blog has provided all the information on the Invisalign procedure. Book an appointment with us at Schuessler Orthodontics for the best Invisalign treatment in Stillwater, OK.