What Are The Advantages Of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

May 10, 2022
There are many advantages of adult orthodontic treatment and no reason to stress. Read to know the advantages of adult orthodontic braces or call us for more.

What Happens In An Invisalign Procedure?

April 7, 2022
Invisalign has radically transformed the world of dentistry. It can help you straighten your teeth painlessly and invisibly. Our orthodontists at Schuessler Orthodontics have provided detailed information on how Invisalign works in this blog. What Is Invisalign? Invisalign is a brand of clear, plastic aligners worn like retainers over the teeth to straighten them out […]

Know Everything About Retainers & Reasons To Wear Them

April 7, 2022
Crooked teeth or a misaligned bite is the thing with which not everyone is not blessed. If you don’t use a retainer after braces, your teeth will move back to the place they were before orthodontic treatment. An orthodontic regression will occur if you skip the retainer, which may need comprehensive treatment to rectify later. […]

5 Benefits Of Early Orthodontic Treatment

April 1, 2022
Orthodontic treatment is for people of all ages. Still, it is suggested that it should be done earlier in life. There are some excellent reasons why dentists and pediatric orthodontists advise their patients on this. Still, it also doesn’t imply that it’s challenging to do as a child or adult. There are a few advantages […]