Everything You Need to Know About Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign in Enid
June 17, 2022

When it comes to orthodontic treatment for teeth straightening, the first thing that suddenly pops to the mind is those clunky metal braces & wires. You might not know that the recent evolution of Invisalign in orthodontics has made teeth straightening metal-free & discreet. Let’s read on to know everything about Invisalign clear aligners.

What Are Invisalign Clear Aligners?

Invisalign is a discreet way of getting straight teeth without the annoyance of metal brackets & wires. These clear aligners are made of high-quality plastic compatible with your mouth. When you wear Invisalign aligners, they will put a little pressure on your teeth to move them to their desired position. The wearer will not feel pain or discomfort while the teeth move gradually. There are no popping wires or brackets to irritate your mouth & tissue. Invisalign is virtually invisible which makes it the most preferred orthodontic treatment choice. The clear aligners are available for teens & also for adults.

How Does Invisalign Differ From Braces?

Invisalign & metal braces have only one thing in common their purpose. Both braces & clear aligners are used to align teeth over a course of time. Braces are the oldest way of teeth straightening using wires & brackets made of metal that exert pressure on the teeth & gradually move them to their desired position. The Invisalign process is the same but there is no involvement of metals, just a plastic aligner tray moves teeth without any discomfort. Furthermore, Invisalign trays are removable and metal braces are not you have to wear them until the treatment ends. With braces, you have to make changes in your diet as you can not eat hard crispy, & chewy food. On the other hand, with Invisalign, you can eat whatever you want & just have to pop the tray out of your mouth.

The most crucial factor to consider is cleaning & maintaining good oral hygiene. Unlike metal braces, it is far easier to clean with Invisalign, take the tray out to brush & floss your teeth thoroughly.

What Is The Procedure To Get Invisalign?

If you have crooked teeth, uneven teeth, or bite issues you can get Invisalign aligners in Enid. Still, you have to be the ideal candidate for getting Invisalign, our Enid orthodontist will run a thorough exam to determine if you are perfect for Invisalign. Once the oral exam has successfully determined that you can have Invisalign for straightening your teeth, you will be headed toward the next step of impression. At Schuessler Orthodontics, we use 3-D digital image impression technology that takes images of your mouth & teeth using a wand-like device that shows the clear image on the screen. X-rays of your teeth & bite are also needed to prepare your Invisalign clear aligner trays. Images & X-rays help orthodontists in preparing customized trays that fit well.

Moreover, a 3-D digital image impression technology allows the orthodontist to prepare all your trays even before you finish wearing your first one.

Benefits Of Invisalign

  • Removable Aligners
  • Discreet Way of Teeth Straightening
  • More Comfortable
  • Better & Easier Oral Hygiene
  • No Dietary Changes
  • No Orthodontic/Oral Emergency
  • No Frequent Visits to the Dental Office
  • More Effective & Efficient
  • Correct Bite Issues
  • Confidence Booster

Cost Of Invisalign Clear Aligners In Enid

Invisalign treatment cost depends on the complexity of the case. On average Invisalign treatment costs around $3,000–$7,000. And some people may get settled up for $3,000 with help from their insurance company.

Get Invisalign For Straighter Teeth In Enid

Invisalign offers more comfort than another type of orthodontic procedure while straightening your teeth & provides a beautifully aligned smile. Contact us & consult with an orthodontist in Enid for Invisalign aligners today.