5 Reasons To Get Adult Orthodontics In Stillwater

Adult Orthodontics In Stillwater

Have you spent numerous years hiding your smile? You don’t have to be ashamed about the shape of your teeth. Getting braces can release this burden and help you get the smile you’ve always desired. Find out the reason to get adult orthodontic treatment today and why it may be a good decision.

5 Reasons To Get Adult Orthodontics

Makes Teeth Fit Better

Adult braces align teeth effectively & allow the top and bottom teeth to meet precisely. When teeth are crowded or crooked, they get tilted and are unable to meet with the opposing teeth. It can cause hindrance in chewing or biting function, tooth pain from too much force applied to a specific tooth, and premature enamel wear. Also, in some cases, the teeth get chipped or cracked due to the upper & lower jaws meeting at an odd angle. Dental braces make your teeth fit together so that there is a reduced risk for injury and improved chewing function.

Aligns Your Bite

Adult Orthodontics treatment in Stillwater can align your bite. Imperfect bite is one common reason numerous adults seek orthodontic treatment. Different types of bite issues that adult braces can correct are underbites, overbites, crossbites, and open bites. If not correct, bite issues can cause a wide range of dental issues. The most seen problem is temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), a painful degenerative condition concerning the jaw joint. Depending on the complexity of the bite can also restrict speech, chewing, and biting functions. By properly aligning your teeth, dental braces sustain natural function and decrease the stress exerted on the jaw joint.

Reduces the Risk of Tooth Decay

Teeth that are aligned are easier to keep clean than teeth that are not. It is because the whole tooth surface can be cleaned with appropriate brushing and flossing techniques. In cases where the teeth are uneven or overlapping, there may be places that get frequently overlooked while brushing and flossing. Unfortunately, these places become an ideal habitat for the bacteria that drive tooth decay and gum disease.

Your Teeth Have Shifted

In some cases, adults get braces as an adult because their teeth have shifted from their last orthodontic treatment. Teeth can move due for several reasons, but one common reason is irregular retainer wear. Teeth that have moved back since an earlier orthodontic treatment are likely to continue to move. For this reason, it is suggested to correct moving teeth sooner rather than later.

Adult Braces are Affordable

There are many adult orthodontic options available for a combination of budgets. Additionally, much dental insurance provides up to some extent covers adult braces. Most orthodontic offices will also offer payment plans to adjust your financial requirements.

Adult Orthodontic Treatment In Stillwater

Adult orthodontic treatment is not what it once was and many adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to align their teeth. Adult braces are an affordable option that helps maintain oral health, lowers the risk of wear, or future dental issues, and makes your smile look beautiful. If you wish to have a pretty smile, contact us for adult orthodontics in Stillwater today.